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Living Quarters

In 2004, the enterprise board decided to launch intensive-processing efforts to develop terminal products. Wangcheng in Changsha was finally selected out of a number of candidate locations. Wangcheng used to be a wasteland dotted with hills, where no running water, electricity, roads, or living facilities were available for use. To attract talent and prevent the loss of them, the company, abandoning conventional thinking, did not build factories on a large scale at the beginning of the construction of the industrial park. Instead, it set high standards in the construction of 5 modern staff quarters, which are equipped according to the standards of star-rated hotels. Air-conditioning, TV, water heaters, Internet services, etc. are readily available. At the same time, the living area is equipped with life and entertainment facilities such as canteens, supermarkets, fitness facilities so that employees can work happily and enjoy life.


To allow employees and their families to enjoy a convenient and high-quality life, the CEO of the Group invested heavily in the SNTO City, which has more than 3,000 apartments and a construction area of nearly 400,000 square meters, during the 2009 global financial crisis despite the company’s internal and external difficulties and financial constraints. The Group also built a five-star hotel for business and entertainment, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, etc. To provide education for the children of the staff and apartment owners, the Group, intent on cultivating future elite, founded the high-quality NEW SHIBO Primary School and the SANZHISAN Kindergarten in cooperation with first-class domestic and foreign educational institutions.

This is SNTO City built by SNTO's employees, who work happily, trust each other, and have similar ideals.
SNTO City is not only a residence; it is also a place of energy and beauty.
It implements the idea of "sincerity, diligence, happiness", and attempts to serve and touch customers.
  • NEW SHIBO Primary School
  • Five-star hotel
  • Fitness venues
  • Fitness venues
  • Self-service western restaurant
  • Cozy guest rooms
  •  SNTO City SANZHISAN Kindergarten
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