SHENGSHI Education
Education is a fundamental task crucial for generations to come. To provide education for the children of the staff and apartment owners, the Group, intent on cultivating future elites, founded the high-quality NEW SHIBO Primary School and the SANZHISAN Kindergarten in cooperation with first-class domestic and foreign educational institutions. Internationally leading teaching methods have been introduced to unlock all potential in children and to enable them to win from the very start.

Primary School
NEW SHIBO Primary School, with the motto of “widespread interest, erudition, refinement, and extensive reading”, is a boarding school founded by the SHENGSHI Education Group. It features “three class types”, societies, and international cultural exchange, and is committed to the cultivation of future elite with international vision and inclusiveness.

Shengtong City
SANZHISAN Shengtong City Kindergarten is founded by SANYU Education Group. It has been hard at work in infant education for more than 30 years, following the principle of “integral human education”, adopting the teaching method of “bilingual + multifaceted intelligence development”, highlighting the well-rounded development of children, and fostering love, wisdom and creativity.
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