DownloadSNTO Sustainability Report 2018
Energy saving and consumption reduction
  • We have broken the industry problems and independently developed the short processing technology of "continuous casting instead of direct rolling". We are the world-first enterprise which uses continuous casting method to produces high-end aluminum foil in large quantities stably and greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost effectively.
  • SNTO replaced steel and plastic with aluminum in the development of the first all-aluminum alloy & Integral Body container semi-trailer with the use of "super single wheel", which reserves light weight, low resistance, higher safety.
  • We promote the construction aluminum alloy template. After hard research and development promotion, now the construction market share of has been increasing 1% to 30%. We rapidly grow into a leading technology enterprise of construction template with comprehensive ability. The global aluminum mold alliance and Yangtze aluminum mold r&d and innovation center are established to provide better, faster and more economical solutions for the construction industry and promote the aluminum mold industry into a new era.
Material recycling

(Data source: European Aluminum Association Annual Report 2017)

Recycled aluminum serves variable application while the quality remains constant stable. The Hunan Aluminum-Recycling Industrial Park has been built firstly. A complete recycl- ing & processing industrial chain including recycling, disassembly, casting, manufacturing, R&D and trading is emerging to achieve the sustainable development of the aluminum industry.

Recovery rate of aluminum
Energy consumption
(regeneration VS primary processing)
95% 5%
Emission reduction
(regeneration VS primary processing)
Annual emission reduction
of recycled aluminum worldwide
97% 100 million tons
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